Denver attorney Jacob E. Martinez has been rated a perfect 10.0 on Avvo!

Recently, Denver criminal defense and DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez earned a perfect 10.0 on the industry-leading attorney rating website, Avvo.  Avvo determines its scores — which range from 0.0 to 10.0 — based upon a combination of factors including experience, industry recognition, professional conduct, and professional recognition and accomplishment.

By achieving a perfect 10.0 on Avvo, Mr. Martinez has demonstrated he is a the top of his profession in his areas of practice.  Mr. Martinez is excited and honored [...]

Denver DUI Attorney Avoids DUI/DWAI Convictions in Adams County DUI Case

In Adams County court, Denver DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieved a disposition wherein his client, who had been charged with DUID, was able to avoid such a conviction by pleading to Reckless Driving.  In this case, Mr. Martinez’s client was found to have a measurable amount of THC in his bloodstream at the time of arrest.  However, it was evident to Mr. Martinez that the amount of THC in his client’s system might be insufficient for a prosecutor to [...]

DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez pleads DUI down to 3 point traffic infraction

In Gilpin County court, Denver DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieved an outcome in his client’s DUI case where the client pleaded only to a traffic infraction, and the DUI count was dismissed.  In this case, the client was contacted by police after making an illegal U-turn.  Upon contact, the police suspected the client to be under the influence of marijuana.  The client cooperated with police and submitted a blood sample.  However, upon close examination of the laboratory test results, [...]

Denver criminal defense attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieves deferred judgment in felony case

Recently, in Denver district court, Denver criminal defense attorney Jacob E. Martinez negotiated a deferred judgment for a client charged with a serious felony offense.  This is an excellent outcome for Mr. Martinez’s client, who was originally charged with a class 3 felony for allegedly unlawfully entering a medical marijuana dispensary.  If convicted, an individual charged with a class 3 felony faces between 4 and 12 years in prison, a fine of between $3,000 and $750,000, and a mandatory 5 [...]

Attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieves complete dismissal in Denver Major Traffic Offense Case

In Denver County court, attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieved complete dismissal in a Hit and Run/Failure to Report an Accident case.  Mr. Martinez convinced prosecutors that his client did not violate the law when she did not report a highway collision that caused no damage to any vehicle.  Under Colorado law, an individual is required to report to police any automobile accident in which either personal injury or property damage occur.  If a person fails to comply with this law, [...]