Common Criminal Defense Strategies in Colorado

Criminal defense is a very complex branch of law. In almost all cases, it is unwise for a defendant to attempt to represent themselves in a court of law. For  the best chance at getting a positive outcome, you want a world-class defense attorney on your side.

But it’s not enough just to hire a good criminal lawyer – you also need to make sure that you contact them as soon as possible. Why? Because crafting a solid defense takes [...]

Common Ways to Get DUI Charges Dismissed

It is a common misconception among drivers that they can only be charged with a DUI if they were driving drunk.

In fact, a DUI charge—that is, a “driving under the influence” charge—can come as a result of a wide range of scenarios, and a person can be charged with driving drugs and prescription medications under the influence of a number of different substances, including drugs and prescription medications, in addition to alcohol. These are special charges labeled DUIDs.

A [...]

Marijuana Users Still Can’t Carry Guns in Colorado

You may be able to carry a concealed weapon with a proper permit in Colorado, and you may be lawfully allowed to use recreational marijuana—but you can’t do both.

Advocates for gun rights in Colorado have been working on a proposed bill that would amend this statute, allowing lawful users of marijuana to obtain permits. According to a report from the Cortez Journal, proponents have been unable to collect the 98,492 signatures needed to place the initiative on the state [...]

Colorado Law Enforcement Ups Anti-Burglary Efforts for the Summer

When the weather is warm and the summer is in full swing in Colorado, residential burglary rates tend to surge. In part, this may be because residents are more likely to leave windows and doors open, making it easier for burglars to escape with valuables.

Local law enforcement officials are upping anti-burglary efforts across the state, and urging citizens to do the same. In a recent article published by the Denver post, the Denver Police Department encouraged residents to burglarproof [...]

Domestic Violence Charges in a Gay or Lesbian Relationship

Law enforcement officials, government agencies, and the general public acknowledge that domestic violence is a serious problem affecting women and men who are married or in a romantic relationship. However, domestic violence can occur between two people in any type of relationship—including those in gay and lesbian relationships.

Studies have found that domestic violence between gay and lesbian couples occurs at rates that are comparable to those of straight couples. Now that same-sex marriage has been legalized and the public [...]