Charged With a CO DUI? Your Rights May Have Been Violated

When you’re pulled over by police, you may feel as if you’re in a vulnerable position – especially if you’ve been drinking.

However, it’s important to keep sight of the fact that you have rights, and the police are supposed to follow certain procedures to ensure those rights are not violated. If they don’t, then the case against you, no matter how strong, can be dismissed.

A prime example is occurring in Colorado Springs right now. A court order out [...]

What Colorado Crimes Put You on the Sex Offender Registry?

When someone commits a crime and is found guilty, they may expect certain consequences to stem from that, such as jail time or fines. However, some penalties associated with crimes can stick around for years after all jail time has been served, especially when it comes to convictions for sex crimes.

Those convicted of certain sex crimes in Colorado must register as sex offenders. Most of those offenders are required to register their updated information at least once per year, [...]

Colorado Drug Crimes: All Your Questions Answered

In Colorado, it is a crime to sell, use, manufacture, or possess controlled substances. The laws tend to change little by little in the state, however, and possessing small amounts of most controlled substances can amount to a misdemeanor crime.

There are a lot of questions when it comes to drug crimes in Colorado, especially in the ever-changing landscape of the law. Here is what you need to know right now about Colorado drug crimes and what you can expect [...]

FAQ: What to Know about Colorado Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is not an uncommon crime to be accused of in Colorado – and it can be complicated to understand.

Once the ball gets rolling on domestic violence charges in Colorado, they are difficult to stop. This makes it even more important to comprehend domestic violence charges and your rights if you’re accused of this crime.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about domestic violence in Colorado, including how it is defined, how it is charged, [...]

Colorado Assault in the Second Degree: What Are Your Defenses?

Assault is a crime that can occur quickly – before you may have time to really register what is going on. But it’s also a crime that can change your life just as quickly as it occurred, following you around through your criminal record forever.

This is why it’s so important to understand what types of actions can result in a charge of criminal assault, also known as assault in the second degree, in Colorado.

Here’s what you need to [...]