Jacob E. Martinez Named Winner of Avvo’s Clients’ Choice Award Two Years in a Row

AVVO Client's Choice 2014 Award for Criminal Defense - Jacob Martinez

When you hire an attorney, you want to feel confident that he or she knows what they are doing and will put in every effort to make sure that you get the best possible outcome in your case. This is especially true for people who are facing criminal charges, because in many cases you are literally putting your life in the hands of your lawyer. It takes a lot of faith and trust to do that, and it can relieve much of your stress if you’re able to point to something that supports your belief that they will give you the best chance at having your charges reduced or dropped.

So what do we point to when we want to help potential clients feel confident about the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez? Our track record of success, our glowing client reviews, and the awards that we have been lucky enough to earn both from our legal peers and from clients just like you.

Recently we were thrilled to learn that our law office won Avvo’s 2014 Clients’ Choice Award for our work in criminal defense and DUI cases. What does that mean?Click To Tweet That numerous clients were so impressed with the work we did for them that they were moved to write a positive review of the firm on Avvo.

Here are just a few of the things that people had to say:

5 Star Ratign
“Outstanding Results from Attorney Jacob”

5 Star Ratign
“Excellent Attorney!”

5 Star Ratign
“Skilled and Composed Negotiator”

Winning this award and reading these affirmations of the good work we do is deeply gratifying, but what makes us even happier is that this is the second year in a row that our firm has won the award. Clearly our clients are quite pleased with the way we handle their cases and the positive results that we are able to get for them.

Of course, this isn’t the first award that the Law Office of Jacob Martinez has received. In addition to having clients choose us for the above award two years running on Avvo, we’ve been honored in a number of other ways:

National Trial Lawyers – Top 100 Trial Lawyer

National Trial Lawyers – Top 40 Under 40

Avvo – 10/10 ratings for work in both criminal defense and on DUI cases

Lead Counsel – named a Lead Counsel Peer Rated Attorney

American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys – named as one of the 10 Best DUI Attorneys

Why Our Law Office Receives So Many Honors

Law Office of Jacob Martinez Logo

What’s the reason that so many people and organizations are showering our law office with praise? Three simple reasons:

Dismissal is always our first goal. Some law offices will take a case looking to “win” by settling for lesser charges, but we never start from that point. When you come to us, our goal is always to get your charges completely dismissed until we believe that that is no longer an option. Only then will we sit down with you to talk about considering reduced charges.

We believe in skill and integrity. When your life is at stake, you need an attorney who is extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled, and willing to shoot straight with you. After assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your case, we will give you our honest opinion on what we think your best outcome is. Sometimes this means delivering bad news to people, but sugarcoating things doesn’t help anyone.

You can count on us to fight for you. Even if our assessment of your chances isn’t as positive as you were hoping for, that doesn’t mean that we’re giving up or giving in. Everyone deserves a vigorous defense and professional representation that will fight tenaciously to get you the best possible results, and that’s always what we offer.

Still not sure? Give us a call to set up a free consultation and decide for yourself.

About the Author:

Denver-based criminal defense and DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez is a knowledgeable and experienced litigator with a record of success providing innovative solutions to clients facing criminal charges of any severity. Mr. Martinez has been designated a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers and has been awarded both the Avvo Client’s Choice Award and Avvo Top Attorney designation, evidencing his reputation for his exemplary criminal and DUI defense work and high moral standards.