Denver Domestic Violence Attorney Achieves Arapahoe County Dismissal

In Arapahoe County court, Denver Domestic Violence attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieved complete dismissal of all charges in a case where his client faced domestic violence and child abuse counts.  After carefully reviewing all police reports, as well as after interviewing those involved, it became clear to Mr. Martinez that his client was in fact herself the victim on the night in question.

Mr. Martinez presented this information to prosecutors, and, after multiple communications, prosecutors agreed to dismiss all charges in the case.  As a result, Mr. Martinez’s client, who is in the United States on a Green Card, avoided not only any criminal conviction, but also the possibility of immigration complications, up to and including deportation.  Due to Mr. Martinez’s hard work and tenacity, his client can continue living the American Dream without the blemish of a wrongful conviction on her record.