DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez pleads DUI down to 3 point traffic infraction

In Gilpin County court, Denver DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieved an outcome in his client’s DUI case where the client pleaded only to a traffic infraction, and the DUI count was dismissed.  In this case, the client was contacted by police after making an illegal U-turn.  Upon contact, the police suspected the client to be under the influence of marijuana.  The client cooperated with police and submitted a blood sample.  However, upon close examination of the laboratory test results, Mr. Martinez ascertained that key scientific and toxicological data was missing from the reports.  As a result, Mr. Martinez successfully achieved an outcome in which his client pleaded only to a minor traffic violation, and all other charges were dismissed.  Due to this outcome, the client avoided a criminal conviction, as well as the driver’s license suspension that would have accompanied such a conviction.