Denver DUI Attorney Avoids DUI/DWAI Convictions in Adams County DUI Case

In Adams County court, Denver DUI attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieved a disposition wherein his client, who had been charged with DUID, was able to avoid such a conviction by pleading to Reckless Driving.  In this case, Mr. Martinez’s client was found to have a measurable amount of THC in his bloodstream at the time of arrest.  However, it was evident to Mr. Martinez that the amount of THC in his client’s system might be insufficient for a prosecutor to prove to a jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the client was either impaired by or under the influence of marijuana at the time of driving.  Though the prosecution repeatedly refused to move away from their offer of DWAI, Mr. Martinez repeatedly refused to accept their offer.  In the end, Mr. Martinez’s relentlessness and reasoned negotiations won out, and his client was able to avoid the consequences of a DUI or DWAI conviction, which include monitored probation, community service, and more.