Colorado DUI Stats Impact Marijuana Legalization in Other States

By watching Colorado, many states have seen the benefits of legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use.

California is one of those states. Soon it will be voting on Proposition 64, which would legalize marijuana for recreational uses. But even though the state has legalized medicinal marijuana, it still has some hesitations about recreational use. One of the main concerns facing the California legislature and law enforcement officials is the issue of driving while high.

The solution isn’t something that’s [...]

So You Violated Your Probation

If you were convicted of a crime, you know that the repercussions from that crime don’t quickly go away. Even if you were placed on probation instead of being incarcerated, you may have a long road ahead of you to make sure you’re compliant with your probation sentence.

For many, probation can be complicated because of the numerous rules and restrictions involved. If you don’t follow those rules and restrictions completely, you will be in violation of your probation and [...]

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense attorneys utilize years of experience and education to help defend clients who have been arrested on a criminal charge. Still, if you’ve been recently arrested for a crime, you may be wondering if you truly need to hire a lawyer for your case.

It’s certainly not the only option. Some people opt to represent themselves. Others take advantage of the requirement in our legal system that everyone has the right to an attorney and use a public defender. [...]

Common Criminal Defense Strategies in Colorado

Criminal defense is a very complex branch of law. In almost all cases, it is unwise for a defendant to attempt to represent themselves in a court of law. For  the best chance at getting a positive outcome, you want a world-class defense attorney on your side.

But it’s not enough just to hire a good criminal lawyer – you also need to make sure that you contact them as soon as possible. Why? Because crafting a solid defense takes [...]

When Defending Yourself Brings Domestic Violence Charges

Colorado law recognizes your right to protect your person, your property, and other people when unlawfully threatened. Unfortunately, while self-defense is a lawful and perfectly understandable instinct, proving that you were acting out of self-defense in court is an incredibly difficult task.

In Colorado, the laws determining whether you acted in self-defense are not hard and fast ones, since many judges have differing views on what it means to protect yourself. If you use physical force to defend yourself, you [...]