How to Let Your Irish Out in Denver Without Getting a DUI

If you’ll be in Denver for St. Paddy’s Day, you’ll find many ways to celebrate the holiday.

From pub crawls to Irish-themed dinners, there are dozens of special events planned, and many different places where you can do it. If part of your celebration is going to involve alcohol, take care that you don’t get behind the wheel after drinking. Do so and you risk not only hurting yourself and others, but also possibly getting a DUI.

Here are some safety tips to remember before you go out on the town.

Depend on a Designated Driver

This is the safest option, because you completely eliminate the risk of arrest. Treat your designated driver to a nice meal and exchange the favor next time you go out.

Plan Your Ending

If you’re partying at a hotel or someone’s house, plan ahead to stay the night. That way, you don’t have to worry about getting home if you drink a bit too much.

Hide Your Keys

Once you get to the party, ask someone to keep your keys to remove the temptation to drive. Also, don’t hesitate to take someone else’s keys if they have had too much to drink. You could literally save a life by doing so.

Stay Hydrated

You may be surprised to know that alcohol has a drying effect on your system. Match every drink with a full glass of water. Alcohol will have less of an effect on you, and you won’t experience such a bad hangover either.

Eat While You Drink

Don’t skip food just because you’re drinking. A full meal will help your body metabolize the alcohol and lower your blood alcohol content. Better yet, have some snacks before you go out to minimize the effects of alcohol even more.

Stop Drinking Before the Party Ends

Give yourself a chance to sober up a bit before you leave. Stop drinking an hour or two before the party ends, and you’ll have your wits about you more than if you keep drinking up until the end.

Arrange for a Ride Home

If you don’t have a designated driver for the evening, arrange pickup plans with a friend before you go out. You can also download Uber and arrange for a ride or contact the local cab service. If the situation permits, you can always use public transportation to get home safely.

If You Do End Up Facing St. Patrick’s Day DUI Charges

Even if you are a first-time DUI offender, you could face steep charges under Colorado law. Your license may be suspended. You will have to pay fines and higher insurance rates. You may be required to receive substance abuse treatment and have an interlock ignition breathalyzer installed on your vehicle.

Denver DUI Lawyer

The good news is that there are many possible defenses to your charges. Police must follow procedures carefully, or your charges can be dropped. Breathalyzer tests are notoriously unreliable and can produce false positives. A skilled Colorado DUI attorney will know exactly what defenses will work in your case.

It’s important to contact an experienced Denver criminal attorney as soon as charges are filed against you. Evidence must be collected quickly, and it can make or break your case. Your attorney will help protect your reputation and your freedoms.

Call today for a free consultation. We will help you fight your St. Patrick’s Day DUI charges.


About the Author: 

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