Graduation Season Means Increased DUI Enforcement across Colorado

For many high school and college students in Colorado, graduation season marks the beginning of a bright future and the opening to a world of possibilities.

But for the unfortunate students who are convicted of a DUI, graduation season could be the kickoff of a period of license suspension or even a jail sentence. Across the state of Colorado, law enforcement officials are ramping up DUI enforcement in attempt to crack down on graduates who are driving under the influence.

During graduation time, you can expect to see additional DUI specialists on the road, pulling over suspect drivers. According to CBS Denver, some cities receive additional funding to enhance DUI enforcement measures on the road during graduation season, holidays, and other high-risk times.

Tips Celebrating Graduation Safely

Nothing ruins graduation celebrations like a DUI. But a spoiled graduation party is the least of your teen or young adult’s problems after being charged with drinking and driving. A DUI conviction could severely hinder your student’s chances of success, staining their criminal record and resulting in the loss of their license. College boards might decide to revoke their admission, and potential employers might refuse to hire them.

As a parent, you can help your grad avoid jail time, fines, and a crippling criminal record by encouraging them to drink responsibly and drive sober. Below, we’ve outlined some tips for parents and grads to celebrate this special time safely.

Never serve alcohol to grads under the age of 21. It doesn’t matter if your graduate is just 18 or even nearly 21—if you serve alcohol to someone under age, you are breaking the law. Never provide alcohol or allow underage grads to drink in your home.

Talk to your grad about the risks of drinking and driving. Of course, just because you don’t provide the alcohol doesn’t mean your grad won’t encounter alcohol elsewhere. Whether your child is a teen graduating from high school or a young adult graduating from college, university, or grad school, there’s a decent chance that they will find themselves in a situation where they are pressured to drink heavily. That’s why one of the most important moves you can make as a parent is to talk to your teen about the effects of alcohol.  Above all, you should stress the importance of never getting behind the wheel after drinking under any circumstances. Let your grad know that they can call you at any time if they need a ride without fear of getting in trouble.

Graduation Season Means Increased DUI Enforcement across Colorado - Denver DUI Attorney

Create a safe party environment. If you are hosting a party for older grads, be sure to monitor both alcohol and guests closely. It’s advisable to refrain from drinking yourself in order to be able to stay alert. Never leave an open cooler unattended if there are minors present, and offer a place to stay or call a cab for guests who have had a few too many.

Host alcohol-free alternatives. You can help discourage drunk driving among grads of all ages by hosting an alcohol-free celebration. Trips to the lake, bowling, karaoke nights, pot lucks, and camping are often popular among young grads.

However, if your teen or young adult graduate is charged with a DUI this graduation season, talk to a Colorado DUI defense attorney. Your attorney can help explain your options, and develop a powerful defense that may help your grad avoid serious consequences to their career, future, and freedom.

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