Fast Facts About Fentanyl in CO

Everywhere you go, it seems like you simply can’t get away from hearing about Fentanyl. This drug has caused significant problems in the United States and Colorado, and it’s hazardous if it’s not used correctly in a medical setting which is why it has led to an increase in deaths due to overdoses in the last several years.

Why is fentanyl so dangerous? It is essential to understand more about this drug and how it gets into the drug supply. Many people take it without realizing it is in what they’re self-administering. Now is the time to educate yourself on fentanyl with these fast fentanyl facts. After all, knowing more could save your life – or someone you know.

What Is Fentanyl?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid substance that is most comparable to the drug morphine. However, it is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine, which is why it’s so dangerous.

In most cases, patients receive this drug to treat severe pain. This drug is helpful in a clinical setting because it can get absorbed into the body in several ways. Typically, the drug gets absorbed through the veins, with a tablet, or through a patch on the skin.

Fentanyl Is a Common Cause of Death by Overdose

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that more than 150 die each day from an overdose of drugs like fentanyl. This substance is being found more frequently in street drugs, which has caused so many people to die. Most people who die of fentanyl overdose don’t even know they were ingesting the drug.

It causes overdose deaths simply because of how potent it is. Even a tiny amount can lead to an overdose.

Fentanyl is Very Addictive

The purpose of this drug is to treat those in a lot of pain. It is also a drug that can make people feel high. That’s why some people seek it out and what makes it addictive. As with other drugs, fentanyl tolerance can cause the person using it to need more and more for the same effects, and withdrawal can make people ill.

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Fentanyl is Illegal in Colorado

If you don’t have a prescription for it, fentanyl is illegal to possess in Colorado. It sells on the streets in several forms, but most often as a brown or white powder that a person can smoke, inject, or snort. The substance gets molded into pills that resemble other drugs, such as oxycodone.

Possessing small amounts of Schedule I and II drugs in Colorado is a misdemeanor crime due to the decriminalization of many drugs in the state. But as deaths have started to climb due to fentanyl, there are talks of changing criminal penalties related to this drug.

Today in Colorado, anyone who has one gram or more of fentanyl in their possession can be charged with a felony. If it’s your first time getting caught with drugs, you may still get a penalty of up to two years on probation or six months behind bars. When in jail, offenders get offered addiction treatment.

Fentanyl is a severe problem in Colorado and around the country. If you’re facing charges related to fentanyl, then make sure to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.


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