5 of the Most Common Computer Crimes in Colorado

The Internet is a wonderful way to communicate with people around the world, search for information, and explore new places without leaving our home. Unfortunately, advances in technology make it incredibly easy to commit all kinds of crimes from thousands of miles away – sometimes without even realizing that you are doing something wrong.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has a whole department dedicated to investigating and preventing cyber or computer crimes, specifically when identity theft or fraud is involved. [...]

5 Internet Behaviors That Could Be Considered Cyber Crimes

The advent of the internet has brought a new type of criminal offence—cybercrimes.  Though the government was somewhat slow to recognize the spread of this type of crime, repeated incidents and disasters have heightened awareness and law enforcement agencies are now cracking down on cyber crimes aggressively.

The FBI in particular is working hard to stay ahead of this trend and keep people safe by prosecuting cyber crimes aggressively. Since, as a modern-age American citizen, you probably devote hours of [...]