Graduation Season Means Increased DUI Enforcement across Colorado

For many high school and college students in Colorado, graduation season marks the beginning of a bright future and the opening to a world of possibilities.

But for the unfortunate students who are convicted of a DUI, graduation season could be the kickoff of a period of license suspension or even a jail sentence. Across the state of Colorado, law enforcement officials are ramping up DUI enforcement in attempt to crack down on graduates who are driving under the influence.[...]

Will Governor’s Focus on Painkiller Abuse Lead to More DUIDs in Colorado?

It is no secret that all eyes have been on Colorado for its recent legalization of recreational marijuana use. Some have claimed that the problems associated with marijuana have gotten worse, while others say that things are demonstrably better now. But while the majority of people focus on this issue, behind the scenes Coloradoans have been grappling with a much more dangerous problem: the recreational—and illegal—use of painkillers.

Recently, Colorado governor John Hickenlooper announced a campaign to end this illegal [...]

How to Handle Your Alcohol Evaluation

Following a DUI or DWI charge, it is not uncommon for a judge in Colorado to issue an order for an alcohol evaluation. An alcohol evaluation is one way for the court to determine whether or not your current rate of alcohol consumption makes you a risk to yourself or others and they are generally handled by treatment facilities, not police officers or legal personnel. Following an evaluation, the facility will present the results to the court, which will review [...]