Best New Year’s Resolution? Erase Your CO Criminal Record

As you switch out your calendar and ring in the New Year, it’s time to think about your resolutions. How are you going to make a positive change in 2020? What will help you move forward in life?

We know the usual resolutions: go on a diet, quit smoking, hit the gym, etc., but if you’ve got a Colorado criminal record, there’s a more important matter at hand. Your history is probably already holding you back.

So have your criminal record sealed as a part of your 2020 resolutions, and ensure the benefits of giving yourself the best chances at a better life.

What Does It Mean to Have My Colorado Criminal Record Sealed?

Criminal record sealing allows people to hide their criminal record from the public eye. Once your request to have your record sealed is approved by a local judge, the record will be hidden from public view.

People will no longer be able to do a quick Internet search and find your criminal record attached to your name. This also allows you to refrain from “checking the box” and disclosing your record on various types of applications.

Improve Your Odds for Securing CO Employment, Loans, and Licenses

Criminal records are public knowledge. Not only can law enforcement officers access your record, but your neighbors, potential employers, and landlords can also find it, too.

There’s a stigma around having a criminal history – even when it’s just an accusation. If a landlord or admissions officer sees an applicant with a criminal record and one without, for instance, they may swiftly choose the person without the record.

You’ve served your time and you deserve to be treated like a productive member of society. Seal your criminal record to help you put your foot in the door and give you the opportunities that will help you grow and make the most of your second chance.

Expunge a Juvenile Record to Leave Youthful Mistakes in the Past

Juveniles actually have more opportunities to completely erase their Colorado criminal record than adults do.

Adult criminal records can only be sealed, which means that they are hidden from potential employers but may still be accessed by law enforcement officers. Colorado allows juvenile criminal records to be expunged, which means the record is erased completely.

Denver Criminal Record Sealing

That said, not all juveniles can apply for expunction. Serious crimes may not be eligible for expunction. If you were tried as an adult, even at the age of 16, you may also be barred from having your record expunged.

Erase Your CO Criminal Record for a Fresh Start (and More Cash)

2020 is a new year and the start of a new decade. Wouldn’t it be nice to kick off the year by giving yourself a fresh start on life?

Without the barriers that a criminal record creates, you can more easily get an education, get a higher-paying job, and provide a better quality of life for you and your family.

Studies show that the benefits of criminal record sealing outweigh the costs by over $5,000 per year. How does an extra $5,000 in your pocket sound?

Here’s How to Erase Your CO Criminal Record

There are essentially two steps to take in erasing your Colorado criminal record: find out if you qualify, first. Then, consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Qualifications for Criminal Record Sealing

Not all adult criminal records qualify for criminal record sealing. If you were arrested, charged but not convicted, or completed a diversion program, you qualify.

These incidents will still show up on a background check and may give employers pause, so it’s worth the time and effort to get arrests, dropped charges, and “not guilty” verdicts erased.

If you have certain crimes on your record, you may have to wait up to 10 years (and not commit additional crimes) in order to qualify. But it’s worth the wait.

Unfortunately, if you have a DUI or were convicted of unlawful sexual behavior, you may not be eligible to apply for record sealing. Double-check with a Colorado defense lawyer if you are not sure if your record qualifies for criminal record sealing.

Denver Expungment Attorney

Consulting a Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

An experienced attorney can help you through each step of the record sealing process. In order to get your record sealed, you will have to file the correct paperwork and possibly show up for a hearing. The entire process may take up to six months but will certainly go faster with the help of a professional who has already helped others erase the criminal records.



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