Attorney Jacob E. Martinez Overcomes Indefinite Lifetime Driver’s License Revocation

Recently, at a DMV hearing for a client serving an indefinite driver’s license revocation due to a vehicular manslaughter conviction, Mr. Martinez successfully argued for reinstatement of the client’s driver’s license.  Though the client had previously attempted to reinstate at a hearing on his own, without counsel, the client had been unsuccessful at that time.  However, Mr. Martinez successfully argued that the client had taken all steps necessary to justify reinstatement under the controlling statutes, and the DMV hearing officer agreed.  As a result of the successful reinstatement order, the client can now drive after having been unable to do so for six years.  This has made a substantial positive impact upon the client’s life.  Though the client appropriately was prevented from driving for some time, the result in this case is an example of an individual making a mistake, but, with the assistance of an attorney, being able to ultimately move forward in life in a positive direction.