Attorney Jacob E. Martinez achieves assault dismissal in domestic violence case

Recently, in Jefferson County Court, domestic violence defense lawyer Jacob E. Martinez achieved dismissal of all charges in a case in which his client had been wrongfully accused of striking and choking his girlfriend.  Though his client maintained his innocence throughout the process, for months the district attorney persisted in offering only a domestic violence conviction.  Such a conviction would have had lifelong consequences for the client, such as a prohibition of his firearms rights, and the lasting stigma associated with a domestic violence conviction.  However, Mr. Martinez persuaded the prosecutor of the truth, which was that his client was the true victim on the night in question, and that all actions taken by his client were legally justified as self-defense.  As a result of Mr. Martinez’s persistence, his client is able to move forward in life without the stigmatization of a domestic violence conviction.  Further, he is eligible to seal the case.