Attending a 4th of July BBQ? How Coloradans Can Avoid Getting a DUI

Enjoying the 4th of July with friends or family at a barbeque? Many Coloradans will be doing just that… and far too many will end up getting DUIs on their way home.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, up to 40 percent of annual vehicle fatalities occur over this weekend, and almost half of the fatalities involve a driver whose blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is at least twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent.

Law enforcement officials know that every 4th of July, more people get behind the wheel after having too much to drink. Because of this, they will be monitoring roads and highways for signs of drunk driving.

That doesn’t mean you have to cut beers and mixed drinks out of your celebrations, though. There are ways to cut a bit loose while still staying safe and on the right side of the law.

Below, we’re going to offer you tips for how to enjoy the holiday without getting a DUI.

What Coloradans Can Do to Prevent a DUI Charge on the 4th

Here are the best ways to enjoy your barbeque, fireworks, and America’s independence without worrying about getting a DUI.

Assign a Designated Driver

This smart choice completely eliminates your risk of getting a DUI. Plan ahead, offering to serve as the DD for your friend or loved one the next time you hang out.

Use a Rideshare Service

If you’re too drunk to drive, it may be best to stay put or call a rideshare company to take you home. Make sure you have an app installed before you go to the party, and don’t forget to charge your phone.

Use a Drink-Tracking App

There are several helpful apps to help you estimate when you’ve had too much to get behind the wheel. Check out options in your app store and choose the one you like best.

The caveat? In most cases, you’ll need to manually add drinks while you drink. This could be a challenge if too many drinks impair your judgment. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that these will be completely accurate, because there are a number of unique, individual factors that go into calculating someone’s BAC.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Eating a snack before you start drinking is a good idea, because the food will help your body absorb the alcohol. Then, keep eating while you drink to offset alcohol’s power. Protein is a great choice since it takes a long time to digest – even better, it’s almost guaranteed to be readily available at a barbecue.

Drink Water

For every alcoholic drink you consume, drink a full glass of water. It will minimize the tipsy effects and even help prevent a hangover.

Take It Slow

Enjoy your alcohol one slow sip at a time instead of binge drinking. If you’re at a party that lasts all afternoon and into the evening, this is especially important. Also, plan to stop drinking a couple hours before you leave to sober up and drive safely.

Penalties for a Colorado DUI Conviction

What will happen if you do get convicted for DUI?

Your license can be revoked for nine months for a first offense and up to two years for repeat offenses. You may be required to submit to alcohol assessment, education, and treatment. The judge may issue an order that an ignition interlock device be installed on your vehicle to prohibit use if your BAC is over a specified limit.

Colorado DUI Lawyer

Since these penalties are significant, you need the help of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney who can offer many defenses to your charges. Call today for a free consultation.


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