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Carrying a Firearm While Trafficking Drugs in Colorado

Possessing most drugs in any quantity is a serious offense, but there are some factors that can make this already significant crime even more substantial in the eyes of the law.

A Denver man who was recently convicted for drug trafficking is a perfect example. He was sentenced in federal court to drug trafficking charges, but his sentence was enhanced further because he was found in possession of a firearm while committing the crime.

He was sentenced to five years [...]

Colorado Defelonized Drug Possession, Not Drug Trafficking

Being accused of a drug crime is a scary thing and is often confusing to boot. The laws surrounding drug possession and drug trafficking are complicated.

Being found in possession of a substance, especially in Colorado, may not lead to a serious offense, but being accused of trafficking those drugs can be – and there’s a fine line between possession and trafficking under the law.

In Northern Colorado, six people were recently accused of drug trafficking after several different types [...]

CO Deputy Has Been Fighting I-70 Drug Trafficking for Over 20 Years

Drug trafficking is a battle that Colorado has been fighting for decades. One of the most valuable weapons the state has against drug trafficking? It is actually a person.

One particular Colorado deputy has made drug busts along the I-70 highway his life mission, and more than twenty years later, he’s well on his way.

The Mesa County Deputy with 1,000+ Seizures Under His Belt

During the deputy’s time policing his beat, he’s confiscated more than 20 tons of illegal [...]

A CO Drug Trafficking Conviction Means a Minimum Mandatory Sentence

Earlier this year, a 40-year-old man’s overdose in Fort Collins drew state authority attention to a Colorado drug trafficking ring. The overdose became a catalyst in authorities from the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force embarking on an investigation – Operation Malverde.

After eight months of hard work, the team’s efforts paid off. In recent news, authorities dismantled the drug trafficking organization, issuing eight search and arrest warrants.

Raids at eight separate locations (Arvada, Aurora, Berthoud, Campion, Denver, Fort Collins, and [...]

Drug Trafficking in Colorado: State or Federal Charge?

In the context of illegal drugs, “trafficking” refers to the act of moving large quantities of drugs for distribution, often involving multiple states and/or international transactions. Generally speaking, drug trafficking crimes are covered by both federal and state law. While most states have no specific charge for drug trafficking, in Colorado, charges and penalties for distributing illicit drugs are based primarily on the type of drug and the amount being trafficked.

The selling or distributing greater than 112 grams of [...]