Archives for: March 16th, 2015

Juvenile Marijuana Crimes on the Rise

In the past few years, Colorado has been receiving a lot of national media attention for becoming the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use. Despite the fact that plenty of popular news outlets have been playing up this new legislation and pointing out its positive aspects, the legalization of marijuana has not been without negative side effects.

According to the Durango Herald, Colorado schools saw a record number of drug use violations in the months following marijuana legalization. [...]

What Happens If Your Teen Gets a Minor in Possession Charge?

Your teen is an honors student. She aces all her classes. She’s involved in all kinds of extra-curricular activities. She has an impeccable driving record. You’ve done a great job as a parent.

And then you get the shocking call: your teen has been busted for a minor in possession (MIP). How can this have happened? Where did you go wrong? You know that she’s a good kid, but now it seems like that doesn’t matter. What’s going to happen [...]