AG Fights Ruling Colorado’s Sex Offender Registry Is Unconstitutional

If you’re convicted of a sex crime, one of the consequences of that crime usually involves having to register as a sex offender. Every state, along with our federal government, has a sex offender registry, but one court has found that a sex offender registry is unconstitutional.

That court is right here in our state. A federal judge in Denver recently ruled that having to register as a sex offender violated the Eighth Amendment rights of three plaintiffs. More specifically, [...]

A Guide to Colorado’s “Morality Crimes”

We often talk about different types of crimes in two categories: violent and non-violent. Violent crimes cause bodily harm to others (think assault or murder), and non-violent crimes typically involve white-collar crimes or indiscretions concerning money or property (theft, embezzlement, and so on).

While these are two types of common crimes, they do not cover all of the crimes that are defined under the laws of Colorado. In this post, we will describe a group of crimes that aren’t commonly [...]

A Guide to Colorado’s Sex Offender Registry

Colorado has harsh sentences for sex crimes. As just one example, in the past offenders convicted for possessing underage pornography have received life sentences.

To put that in perspective, these are non-violent crimes that receive the same sentence as that given to people convicted of murder.

Obviously, these harsh sentences aren’t given to everyone convicted of every sex crime. But each sex crime conviction does come with a lifelong consequence: having to register on Colorado’s very public sex offender registry.[...]