What Makes an Assault “Aggravated” in Colorado?

Every day, there are many instances of assaults taking place across our state. Some of these assaults are more serious than others, and the law has been formulated with this in mind. Commit a more serious assault and you will be subject to more severe penalties.

When an assault is considered “more serious,” it is commonly referred to as an “aggravated” assault. What exactly makes an assault “aggravated,” though? How is it different from a regular assault?

Colorado Aggravated Assault[...]

When Law Enforcement Says Your Colorado Assault Was Due to Bias

We can all admit that tensions in our country are high right now. No matter who you voted for or what you look like, it’s hard to turn a blind eye to the rising levels of violence through both large-scale and short-scale incidents.

Unfortunately, Colorado has the numbers to prove that hate crimes and other forms of violence are truly more prevalent than in the past.

Data from Colorado law enforcement shows that reports of hate crimes doubled from 2017 [...]

Charged with Colorado Assault for Defending Yourself?

The various “Stand Your Ground” statutes are some of the most controversial laws that exist in the United States. Different states call the different things, but they’re all fairly similar to the law made most famous during the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida.

Essentially, they allow someone to “stand their ground” and use physical force on a person if they believe that the person is going to cause them physical harm. Supporters of “Stand Your Ground” laws argue that they [...]

School Fights: Did You Know They Can Lead to Colorado Assault Charges?

Traditionally, consequences for fighting in school were limited to a trip to the principal’s office and school-enforced punishments such as detention, suspension or – in the worst case – expulsion. However, violence is a growing problem in schools across the US, so many educators and law enforcement officials are cracking down on violence of all forms, frequently by imposing legal consequences for students caught fighting.

Recently, two schools in Colorado made headlines for prosecuting students caught fighting at school. At [...]

Criminal Acts Commonly Associated with Domestic Violence in Colorado

Domestic violence in Colorado is not an actual charge, but rather an “enhancement” to other, existing charges. Because of this, it is something that covers quite a bit of ground and can be attached to a number of different criminal offenses.

In this post, we’re going to detail the offenses most commonly associated with domestic violence and tell you how to get help if you are facing any of these charges.

Defining Domestic Violence in Colorado

Colorado law defines domestic [...]