Does Lawsuit Mean Colorado’s Recreational Pot Is in Danger?

Here’s a situation that has happened far too frequently since our state legalized the recreational use of marijuana: A pot “tourist” drives here from a nearby state to partake of Colorado’s recently relaxed laws. While in our state, they sample the wares, enjoy using them, and decide to bring home a few souvenirs.

As they drive home with their legally purchased marijuana, they engage in a minor traffic violation and a police officer pulls them over. Since they weren’t worried [...]

Return Fraud—A Serious Crime with Serious Punishments

Since the holiday season is indisputably the busiest time of year for many retailers, it would seem that many store owners should get to sit back and relax now that the season is coming to an end. Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. While the holiday season may be winding down, many retailers are steeling themselves against the losses that they inevitably suffer over the coming weeks and months.

That’s right – losses.

“Return fraud” is the name given to [...]

Alcohol Abuse Often Leads to Violent Crimes


In adult society today, alcohol is almost everywhere we look—beer has become a central point of social gatherings, a rum and coke helps us break the ice in bars, a glass of wine helps us unwind after a long day at the office. While the prevalence of alcohol in today’s society is something that many of us have become accustomed to, the fact that it has become such an accepted part of how we socialize is something we need [...]

How to Avoid a Holiday DUI


The holidays are upon us already, and even though your stomach may still be recovering from the Thanksgiving feast, Christmas and New Years are just around the corner – not to mention another month (or, hopefully, two!) of tailgating at Broncos games.

But you should be worried about a lot more than putting on a few extra pounds this holiday season. According to this eye-opening infographic, there’s a 33% jump in DUI offenses between Blackout Wednesday and January 2[...]

The Holiday Season and Domestic Violence

The roads are congested, shopping malls are packed, and the in-laws are visiting—it’s natural to feel a little extra stress around the holiday season. But when feelings of stress escalate into angry and abusive behavior, that’s when domestic violence crimes occur.  Studies show that domestic violence increases during the holidays, when cooking, shopping, hectic schedules, and a myriad of other factors can evoke feelings of frustration and irritation.

When discussing the prevalence of holiday domestic violence in a CBS News [...]