Fast Facts About Fentanyl in CO

Everywhere you go, it seems like you simply can’t get away from hearing about Fentanyl. This drug has caused significant problems in the United States and Colorado, and it’s hazardous if it’s not used correctly in a medical setting which is why it has led to an increase in deaths due to overdoses in the last several years.

Why is fentanyl so dangerous? It is essential to understand more about this drug and how it gets into the drug supply. [...]

Can Drug Offenses Get Sealed in CO?

Even in states like Colorado that have decriminalized many drugs in specific amounts, drug convictions can haunt you for years.

Whenever anyone does a background check on you for a new job, housing, or even a loan, they will see convictions on your record, and you could lose opportunities long after you’ve served your debt to society. That’s why criminal record sealing exists in Colorado, but it’s essential to understand what types of convictions can be sealed and cannot.

Here [...]

Shoplifting in CO This Holiday Season? Think Again

The holidays can be tempting for many reasons. Maybe you’re tempted to eat too many mincemeat pies or have yet another slice of your grandpa’s famous fruit cake. Maybe you’re overindulging in beverages at your holiday office party. Or perhaps you end up in a crowded store with merchandise everywhere and think how easy it’d be to slip something into your pocket and walk out with it.

Temptations are all around, especially during the holiday season. During this season, there [...]

Assault and Menacing: What’s the Difference in Colorado?

When you hear people talking about assault and menacing in Colorado, they may use the words interchangeably. However, it’s important to note that in the eyes of the law, they are different charges with different criminal penalties.

If you are facing an assault or menacing charge, it is critical to understand and know the difference between the two. That’s why it’s worth reading and learning about what these two crimes have in common and their differences.

Menacing in Colorado

Menacing [...]

CO DUI With an Out Of State License: What Now?

Colorado is a very popular state to visit, so it’s common for people to drive on Colorado roads with an out-of-state license. But what happens when you commit a crime with that out-of-state license – like a DUI?

Colorado state laws apply to everyone, not just those who reside there. That’s why if you get a DUI in Colorado while visiting, it’s essential to understand what is in store for you. Here is what you need to know.

DUI for[...]