Sex Crimes: How Can a CO Attorney Help You?

Being charged with a sex crime in Colorado is serious, which means you need an experienced attorney to help guide you through all the turmoil that lies ahead for you in the court system.

Crimes involving sex can have severe repercussions on your life, so you must take them seriously, no matter the charge. A Colorado defense attorney can help represent you no matter the crime – and here are a few ways they can help you.

What Are Sex[...]

Were You Caught Up in the CO Labor Day DUI Crackdown?

Being pulled over under the suspicion of a DUI is never fun, but the chances of that happening increase during certain times of the year in Colorado – including Labor Day.

Law enforcement made a commitment in Colorado this year to crack down on impaired driving. They publicly stated that law enforcement agencies would crack down on impaired driving between August 17 and September 8.

If you got caught up in the DUI crackdown, you may have questions. Here are [...]

CO DUI: Why You Should Avoid One

In the United States, the laws governing the crime of driving under the influence – also called a DUI – are typically very harsh. Colorado is no exception to this, as even first-time DUI offenders can face time in jail, fines, and the loss of their driver’s license.

As serious as a DUI is, not many understand the true implications of the crime and the impact it can have on your life. There are many reasons to avoid a DUI [...]

Is Posting a Private Image Illegal in CO?

Posting a private image to harass another person is often referred to as revenge porn in Colorado – and it’s against the law.

This is a crime that the state takes very seriously, as it often causes great emotional distress to the person portrayed in the picture and is considered a sex crime. That means that anyone convicted of posting a private image for harassment can be in serious legal jeopardy. The charge is more than just a slap on [...]

Top CO Domestic Violence Misconceptions

The issue of domestic violence is complex, not only in Colorado but across the entire United States. Still, Colorado has created its own laws to help deal with this issue, as a way to make the state a safer place for everyone to live.

Still, domestic violence laws in and of themselves can’t fix everything. Part of the work is for people in the community to understand what is and isn’t true about domestic violence, because there are a lot [...]