Archives for: March 12th, 2021

Using a Friend of a Friend’s Netflix Login in CO?

When your friend shares their Netflix account with you, your first thought probably isn’t that what you’re doing is illegal. After all, it’s just the sharing of a password on a streaming service, how bad could it be?

It turns out that sharing streaming service account information with friends and family isn’t unusual, but it is technically legal.

According to internal streaming service polls, 12 percent of people who use the streaming service aren’t paying for it and it’s costing [...]

Colorado Spring Break: More Tourists Equal More Cops

It’s nearly spring, and for plenty of college students, that means it’s time for spring break. Colorado is a popular spring break destination for many students, and tourism picks up quite a bit during this season. More people means more potential problems, so local law enforcement ramps up their community presence.

In fact, Spring Break is listed as one of 16 “The Heat Is on” DUI enforcement effort periods Colorado has each year. That means patrol cars are out more [...]

The Line between Property Crimes and Violent Crimes in CO

Property crimes consist of a broad range of offenses that involve the theft, destruction, or damage to property. Property crimes range in severity from low-level misdemeanors to quite serious felonies that can be punishable by decades behind bars.

Crimes against property are charged based on the property damaged or stolen, and with the exception of robbery, do not typically involve a show or threat of force against someone. However, property crimes can quickly turn violent, even if the defendant’s original [...]