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When people think of “serious” crimes, most tend to think of acts of severe violence.

Things like robbery. Sexual assault. Murder. In other words, crimes where one person’s actions put another in physical danger. Often these acts involve deadly weapons, such as guns or knives, or the use of drugs to render someone helpless. So, it is no surprise that they are punished severely, typically with the potential of years in prison, incredibly high fines, and other life-altering consequences.

What if your crime involved impersonating someone else? Running a scam? Pilfering funds from your employer? “Cleaning” dirty money? Bribing people? Embezzlement? Is it any less severe if you hurt people by tricking them and taking their money or belongings?

The State of Colorado does not think so, nor does the United States government. In fact, both sets of laws prosecute those who commit white-collar crimes quite severely depending on the nature of the offense, the amount taken, and the number of people affected.

In some cases, being convicted can send you to prison for decades and lead to some of the highest fines possible for criminal acts. Moreover, even being charged with a white-collar crime can ruin your reputation and any business interests, destroying the life you have built for yourself in one fell swoop.

What can you do? Fight back hard and do so as early on in the process as possible.

You cannot do it alone, though. Whether you are charged at the state or federal level, white-collar cases are incredibly complex, full of nuanced rules and regulations that can trip you up at any point. Your best hope of achieving a positive outcome for you and your family is to work with a knowledgeable and experienced Denver criminal lawyer.

At the Law Office of Jacob Martinez, we have successfully handled all kinds of white-collar cases. Our attorneys know what it takes to get your charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed – or, better yet, prevent charges from ever being filed in the first place.

Consequences for White Collar Crime Convictions in Colorado and at the Federal Level

Just how serious are the consequences associated with white-collar crimes? As we said above, it depends on the specifics of the alleged crime.

Check fraud, for example, can result in a charge as minor as a class 1 petty offense with the possibility of $50-$500 in fines and up to six months in jail. Or, for higher value checks, a class 6 felony with the possibility of $1,000-$100,000 in fines and 6-18 months in jail.

Other crimes come with far more severe penalties. Identity theft, for example, can send you to prison for six years. High-value embezzlement can net you up to 12 years. Money laundering could put you behind bars for 24 years.

Federal consequences for a white-collar crimes conviction are far more complicated as they fall under the USSG – U.S. Sentencing Guidelines – but most white-collar crimes charged at the federal level are felonies. They can easily come with a potential prison time of 30 years or more if multiple offenses have been committed.

White Collar Charges Colorado Criminal Lawyer Jacob Martinez Can Help You Fight

Jacob Martinez has successfully taken on many different types of white-collar crime cases, such as:

How the Law Office of Jacob Martinez Can Help with Denver White Collar Crime Accusations

Often, white-collar crime cases are not like other criminal cases.

If an officer charges you with a DUI, theft, or pretty much any violent crime, generally, it happens without warning. They show up, tell you you are being arrested, and then take you to the police station for processing.

Not so for many white-collar crimes. These types of cases tend to require a long and thorough investigation into financial and business records, and often you will be notified that you are being investigated.

Because of this, in some situations, Mr. Martinez has been able to fight the investigation itself and get it stopped without charges ever being filed. Even if this is not possible in your situation, having a skilled white-collar crime lawyer by your side throughout the process can help you to limit the damage done and prevent you from saying or doing anything that might compromise your case.

Moreover, Jacob Martinez will be able to protect your rights and ensure all law enforcement officials play by the rules and follow all necessary laws and regulations right from the beginning.

Additionally, the earlier you start working with Mr. Martinez, the more time he has to craft the strongest possible defense against any charges you might face, including tracking down helpful evidence and fighting to remove harmful evidence from consideration.

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