Sexual assault is a very serious criminal allegation, and a skilled, knowledgeable Colorado criminal defense lawyer is required to defend one so accused.

In certain circumstances, one may be charged with sexual assault if he or she perpetrates sexual intrusion or sexual penetration upon another and:

  • The accused causes the submission of the victim through means of sufficient consequence to cause the victim submission against will of the victim; or,
  • The accused has knowledge the victim is not capable of evaluating or understanding the nature of the victim’s conduct; or,
  • The accused has knowledge the victim is agreeing to the sexual contact under the mis-belief that the victim and accused are spouses; or,
  • The victim is less than fifteen years old and the accused is at least four years older.

Sexual assault may be a class 2, 3, or 4 felony, or a class 1 misdemeanor, depending upon the circumstances of the case.

When charged with sexual assault, a skilled Colorado criminal defense lawyer is essential.  Contact our Denver criminal defense attorney today to discuss your options.