Fraud in effecting sales is a serious criminal allegation, and a skilled, knowledgeable Colorado criminal defense attorney is required to defend one so accused.

In certain circumstances, one may be charged with fraud in effecting sales if he or she, in the course of business:

  • Offers, sells, or exposes an adulterated or mislabeled commodity for sale; or,
  • Takes or attempts to take more than the claimed quantity of any good or service when as buyer the individual furnishes the weight or measure; or,
  • Possesses or uses a device to falsely determine or record a quality or quantity; or,
  • Offers, delivers, or sells less than the claimed quantity of any good or service; or,
  • Makes a misleading or false statement in an advertisement regarding items or services.

Fraud in effecting sales constitutes a class 2 misdemeanor.

When charged with fraud in effecting sales, a skilled Colorado criminal defense lawyer is essential.  Contact our Denver criminal defense attorney today to discuss your options.