The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  facilitate security for those flying in the United States and for the items accompanying those individuals.

TSA requires that someone flying with a firearm check that firearm with the airline and transport it in a locked hard-sided container. There are also additional rules and regulations for how to travel with ammunition.

Many times, those charged with having a firearm at the airport did not even know that they firearm with them. Had they known that they were transporting a firearm, they would have gone through the steps of checking that weapon with the airline. Instead, the firearm was tucked into a backpack or side-pocket of a suitcase and comes to their attention for the first time when the individual goes through the security checkpoint. The majority of people that we see in this position have no prior criminal history and certainly did not intend to carry a firearm through the airport.

When someone takes a firearm to Denver International Airport and goes through security with the firearm and without taking the proper steps, that individual is charged with “Violation of Airport Rules/ Regs” a violation of Denver Municipal Code 5-16(f). These offenses are prosecuted by the Denver City Attorney’s office.

The maximum penalty that can be assessed on this charge includes a fine and/or jail time.

Our office frequently works with the Prosecutors at the Denver City Attorney’s office and frequently handles these cases. We are familiar with the different ways in which these cases can be resolved and ready to help you take proactive steps to gain more control of the outcome of your matter.

When charged with this offense, a skilled Denver criminal defense attorney is essential.  Contact a Denver criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your options by filling out our online contact form or by calling 720.246.6700.