Domestic violence is a serious criminal allegation.  Just the mere filing of a domestic violence charge, even if ultimately dismissed or found not-guilty through trial, will undoubtedly raise questions by future employers or educational institutions when conducting a background check.

You need an experienced and skilled Denver criminal defense lawyer who has the compassion and empathy necessary to aggressively fight for you and to help you through this time.  Our Colorado criminal defense attorney has the experience you need for all domestic violence and domestic abuse cases in Denver and the surrounding areas.

What is domestic violence?

Domestic violence crimes are broad in nature, and involve conduct including physical violence, threatened violence, and otherwise abusive or controlling behavior occurring within the following types of relationships:

  • Married couples (also known as spousal abuse)
  • Cohabiting couples
  • Those who have a child or children in common
  • Those who are in a relationship or who had a former relationship
  • Persons who were formerly married to one another.

Our Colorado domestic violence attorney represents aggressively defends those accused in such matters, protecting clients’ rights and safety.

Colorado domestic violence crimes can be charged many ways.  Our Colorado domestic violence defense attorney has experience representing these charges.  In Colorado, domestic violence crimes include, but are not limited to, allegations of:

  • Stalking
  • Assault, beating and molesting
  • Trespassing on private property or a victim’s workplace
  • Harassing phone calls and emails
  • Threatening bodily harm or death
  • Verbally abusing or intimidating
  • Committing rape or sexual assault
  • Removing children from the home of the other parent without permission
  • Interfering with the removal of children in violation of a court order

As this list shows, domestic abuse does not have to be overtly violent.  Even the threat of violence constitutes abuse.

Because prosecutors do not need the alleged victim to testify or cooperate, and because not every case has a dismissal of charges or an acquittal as a realistic option, having an attorney with established credibility and a reputation for success at trial can be an invaluable asset in these matters.  If this is your first arrest for domestic violence, there is a good chance that our attorney can get you placed into a diversion program that will keep a conviction off your record.  If not, and if the prosecution has a strong case, our Colorado domestic violence attorney will use his skills as a litigator and as a negotiator in order to postpone matters long enough that your case, and you, can be put in the best possible light.

A domestic violence charge in the state of Colorado is extremely serious.  Regardless of the charge, you need to hire an experienced domestic violence defense attorney immediately.  Our Denver domestic violence attorney has been practicing law since 2008.  He will work to gather the facts and build a winning defense for your case.  He may even be able to have your charges dismissed entirely, depending on the circumstances of your case.

Our domestic violence attorney is committed to providing vigorous and aggressive representation to all his clients.  Likewise, he understands that a citizen accused of a criminal offense will have numerous questions and concerns throughout the process.  Our experienced attorney understands the serious nature of domestic violence and therefore works to ensure that criminal cases involving domestic abuse are handled in a rational manner.  Our attorney is experienced in protecting clients from often over-reactive or heavy-handed legal processes.  We advise clients on ways to avoid some of the pitfalls associated with the court system and self serving family family violence programs.  Contact us today.