Denver Protection Order Attorney & Restraining Order Attorney Jacob E. Martinez

If someone is seeking a civil protection order against you, it is important that you act quickly to avoid having a Permanent Civil Protection Order go into effect. Having a permanent protection order enter against you can lead to many negative consequences.  For example, such a protection order will show up on a background check.  If this happens, you may be prohibited from employment and residential opportunities.  The stigma of such a record can be difficult to overcome.  Additionally, if in the future you are alleged to have violated such a protection order, you will face criminal charges, and even possibly jail.

Denver protection order attorney Jacob E. Martinez has experience successfully defending people who are in the crosshairs of a civil protection order.  He knows what it takes to defeat a civil protection order, and has done so both by litigating these cases before a judge, and by resolving them without a hearing.

Mr. Martinez knows that oftentimes people seek protection orders for less than honest reasons.  Former romantic partners, bitter neighbors, or disgruntled associates can and do use protection orders as a way to “get back at” or “get even with” people by alleging false malicious conduct.  Unfortunately, if you don’t aggressively fight these smear campaigns, you can find yourself unfairly labeled and stigmatized — perhaps permanently. Don’t let that happen.

Contact experienced Denver protection order Jacob E. Martinez today to discuss how you can fight against a wrongful use of Colorado’s civil protection order laws.