Under Colorado’s conspiracy law, someone may be criminally responsible for a crime they did not personally execute.  Instead, such a person can be criminally responsible if they merely helped plan a crime with others.  Additionally, a person may be guilty of conspiracy if they helped plan a crime with others, and then personally executed the plan, either with others, or alone.  If you are facing a conspiracy charge, it is in your interests to consult with a Denver criminal defense attorney now.

In certain circumstances, someone may be charged with conspiracy if, with the appropriate intent, he or she agrees with at least one other person that someone affiliated with the plan will commit, attempt to commit, or assist in committing the criminal act.

To be guilty of conspiracy, there must, at a minimum, be an “overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy” carried out one of the parties to the conspiracy.

Most of the time it is a class 6 felony to conspire to commit any felony, and most of the time it is a class 3 misdemeanor to conspire to commit any misdemeanor.

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