Under Colorado’s criminal attempt law, someone may be held criminally responsible for an act they merely attempted to complete.  It’s best to consult with a knowledgeable Denver criminal defense lawyer if you are facing such a charge.

In certain circumstances, someone may be charged with criminal attempt if he or she carries out conduct constituting a “substantial step” toward the completed crime. A “substantial step” requires action that “strongly corroborates” the person’s purpose of completing the crime.  It is often irrelevant, as a defense, that the completion of the offense was factually or legally impossible.

It can be an affirmative defense if the person abandons his or her effort to commit the crime or if he or she prevents the crime’s commission.

The severity of a criminal attempt charge varies, depending upon the severity of the classification of the original charge.  For example, attempt to commit a class 1 felony is a class 2 felony; attempt to commit a class 2 felony is a class 3 felony; and so on.  Therefore a criminal attempt charge can be as severe as a class 2 felony, and as mitigated as a petty offense.

When charged with criminal attempt, a knowledgeable and accomplished Denver criminal defense lawyer is essential.  Contact a Colorado criminal attorney today to discuss your options now by filling out our online contact form or by calling 720.246.6700. Colorado criminal charges are serious.