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In Colorado, a county court prosecution can often be a serious matter.  Most offenses charged in county court are misdemeanors, though some can be petty offenses.  There are three classes of misdemeanors in Colorado — Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3.  A Class 1 Misdemeanor is the most serious, and a Class 3 Misdemeanor is the least serious.  Similarly, there are two classifications of petty offenses, with a Class 1 Petty Offense being the more serious.  For specific sentencing ranges regarding each of these offense classifications, click here.  Due to the potentially serious sentencing consequences involved in county court cases, it’s generally good practice to consult an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney, like Mr. Martinez.

Generally, an individual charged in county court will have multiple opportunities to negotiate their case with a deputy district attorney.  The negotiation phase of a case can, and often does, take months.  Most cases resolve through some type of negotiated settlement.  However, some matters are best settled at trial.  In county court, the state has 180 days from the entry of your not guilty plea within which to try you.  This is called the speedy trial rule.  If the state fails to try your case within 180 days from the entry of the not guilty plea, the case must be dismissed.  However, in certain circumstances, the case may be refiled at a later time.

If the case proceeds to trial, the defendant is entitled to a jury of six of his or her peers.  At such a trial, the state always has the burden of proving, beyond a reasonable doubt, every element of every offense charged.  If the prosecution meets this burden unanimously amongst all six jurors, the prosecution will prevail.  If the prosecution fails in any regard to meet its unanimous burden, the defense will prevail through an “acquittal.”

If you are being charged in any Colorado county court, it behooves you to consult with Denver criminal defense attorney Jacob E. Martinez.  Mr. Martinez has experience representing defendants in county courts throughout Colorado, including:

  • Denver County Court
  • Arapahoe County Court
  • Douglas County Court
  • Boulder County Court
  • Adams County Court
  • Gilpin County Court
  • Jefferson County Court
  • Elbert County Court
  • and others.

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