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Constitutional Convention – Philadelphia. 1787.









As a Denver criminal defense attorney, it is impossible to practice law without a knowledge of criminal law’s origin.  The United States Constitution serves as the foundation for criminal defense law in Colorado, and nationwide.  From searches and seizures, to the right against self incrimination, to the right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment, the United States Constitution provides the source of origin for these very important rights. As we all learned in our history classes, the Constitution arose in the face of abuse. Members of the then British colonies were facing extreme taxation without any sort of recourse with the king, and as a result of unrest, faced a series of abuses that our founding fathers determined would never be repeated. These rights are essential to your case and your defense. If the police are found to have violated your rights, then the United State Supreme Court has determined that evidence the police gathered cannot be used against. In the words of the Supreme Court, that evidence is fruit from a poisonous tree. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Jacob E. Martinez today.

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