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Theft Crimes Attorney: Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft

Aggravated motor vehicle theft is a serious criminal allegation, and a knowledgeable, skilled Colorado criminal defense lawyer is required to defend one so accused.

In certain circumstances, one may be charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft if he or she, without authorization or by threat or deception, obtains or exercises control over another person’s vehicle and:

  • Keeps the vehicle longer than twenty-four hours; or,
  • Attempts to, or does, alter or disguise the vehicle or,
  • Attempts to, or does, alter or remove the vehicle’s VIN number; or,
  • Commits a crime while in the vehicle; or,
  • Damages the vehicle in the amount of $500 or more while in possession of the vehicle; or,
  • Injures another person while in control or possession of the vehicle; or,
  • Takes the vehicle to another state and keeps it there for at least 12 hours; or,
  • Places license plates on the vehicle which do not belong to the vehicle.

Aggravated motor vehicle theft may be a class 3, 4, 5, or 6 felony, or a class 1 misdemeanor, depending upon the circumstances of the case.

When charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft, a skilled Denver criminal defense attorney is essential.  Contact our Denver criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your options by filling out our online contact form or by calling 720.246.6700

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