Skilled Public Indecency Defense Attorney in Denver

Public indecency is a serious criminal allegation, and a skilled, knowledgeable Colorado criminal defense lawyer is required to defend one so accused.

One may be charged with public indecency if he or she does the following in a public place or where his or her act could be reasonably expected to be observable by those in the area:

  • A sexual act;
  • The exposure of an intimate part – not the genitals, however – while possessing the intent to satisfy or arouse any person’s sexual desire;
  • The fondling or caressing of another person;
  • Exposing his or her genitals to another when the other person is likely to be alarmed or affronted.

Public indecency may constitute either a petty offense or misdemeanor, depending upon the specifics of the conduct.

When charged with public indecency, a skilled Denver criminal defense attorney is essential.  Contact our Denver criminal defense lawyer today to discuss your options.