Denver Colorado Trespass Lawyer

Due to the nature of domestic violence cases, there is often a situation where the involved parties lived with one another at one point in time.  If the couple did not live together, oftentimes one or both members of the couple kept personal items at the other person’s residence.  This can create a recipe for disaster if the relationship turns sour.

Whether it’s property-related or not, when a relationship deteriorates, there can be the temptation for one party to desire to return to where the other party lives or works.  Sometimes, the party being visited no longer wishes to see the party desiring contact.

Conversely, there can be the temptation of one party to dishonestly claim that the other party is entering a premises without permission, just to subject the other party to police contact and criminal prosecution.

These situations all can amount to a criminal trespass prosecution.  If you are facing such a situation, it’s important to contact a Denver domestic violence attorney today to defend you against a trespass, domestic-violence case.

Trespass is a strict liability offense, meaning that merely the act of entering or remaining on the property of another, without permission, constitutes an offense.  Therefore, especially when associated with a domestic violence allegation, a Denver, Colorado domestic violence attorney is important in order to best protect and defend the reputation of the accused.